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Competition 2018

Results of "Young Pianists" Category - 13th Competition 2018

Young Pianists 2

1st Mention 1st named unanimously

QIAN André Chengyu (France)

1st Mention 2nd named

BLANC Arthur (France)

At the Closing Concert, André Chengyu QIAN will play "Petite sonate en Ut" by HAENDEL.


1st Mentions

KHAMLICHE Camélia (Russia - Morocco)

LEJMI Mohamed Yassine (Tunisia)


2nd Mentions

MEKOUAR Jazia (Morocco)

BOBZIN Matias Chadi (France)

ENNAJI Elias (Morocco)

IMANI Sara (France - Morocco)

JIN Yewoo Louie (Canada)

3rd Mentions

SENTISSI Layla (Morocco)

BENNOUNA Syrine (Morocco)

FALLAH EL IDRISSI Wijdane (Morocco)